Our offer




  • Do you want a quick entry into the US and Canadian markets?


  • Are you looking for a low cost alternative to a subsidiary?


  • Would you benefit from an international entrepreneur capable of operating seamlessly between Europe and the US?


  • Do you wish to apply the experience of a senior multinational executive at the service of your company?


We offer our clients  these possibilities with constant attention to results and a very high level of service.

In view of its importance, the US deserves special attention. A well thought -out strategy and marketing mix to satisfy the requirements of this market requires on site representation.

Export managers usually do not have the experience or the means to provide this type of service, neither do agents and distributors. It is not their mission.

The key to success

Establish a “subsidiary” at lesser expense yet with a budget to meet objectives providing more rigorous operational control while affirming a real commitment to become established in the market long term.

Local management and superior service are the key to success!

CROSS WORLD CONSULT- your office in North America.


Specific expertise in strategy, marketing and sales in the following industries:

  • Luxury
  • Decoration
  • Consumer goods
  • Pharmacy
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food


  • Consulting recommendations
  • Sales and follow-up of key accounts
  • Showroom visits and support
  • Training: salesmen, management
  • Local sourcing and local manufacturing: identification & interface
  • Subsidiary set-up
  • Trade Shows support
  • Market intelligence
  • Surveys
  • Setting up management sales force
  • Product development: advice and project management
  • Road-shows
  • Product registration follow-up
  • Contract negotiation
  • Press Relations
  • Planning for business tours and meetings nationwide

We generally develop long lasting relationships with our clients- on average five to 10 years.

We have direct contact with the major decision makers in the top retail chains and professional showrooms across the country. Throughout the years, this has allowed us to:

  • Have a broad vision about the market and define best-entry strategies in synch with market needs and client resources.
  • Introduce collections to Department Stores, to major Discount Stores and Specialty Stores in a timely manner nationwide.
  • Launch collections in the most prominent Showrooms in the country.
  • Work with distributors that service different market segments and are major players in their respective industries.
  • Sell directly to major accounts to increase sales, profitability and maintain continuity in the business.
  • Take advantage of new business opportunities in a fast-moving market to gain a competitive edge.
  • Recommend new collections that became top sellers in North America.
  • Work effectively in Canada (usually 10% of the US market) thanks to our market knowledge and cultural and language skills.

To know more about our services, please contact us at : office@crossworldconsult.com